Caring For Your Watches

Crown Down
Place your watch crown side down on your night stand or dresser. You are less likely to scratch the side of your valuable watch with only the crown making contact with the surface.Invest in Deployant Clasps for Your Watch Straps or Bands
Your watch strap will last 4-5 times longer if you use a deployant clasp to take it on and off. With a standard buckle, you must pull back on the strap to put it on and off. This daily pulling back wears (creases) the strap out around the buckle. With at deployant clasp you avoid this. And, it is easier to use and safer (you can’t accidentally slip and drop your watch putting it on). A deployant clasp works much the same way as a bracelet does.

Store Your Watch Collection in a Watch Box
Rather than keeping your growing watch collection loosely arranged in your dresser drawer, invest in a good watch box that keeps your watches safe from scratches and nicely displayed. If you have some XXL or large dial watches store them on the end slots or skip a slot to keep the crown from banging into another watch in the box.

Use a Soft Watch Cloth to Wipe off the dust, finger prints, etc.
A soft cloth or a micro-fiber cloth is what we recommend for keeping your watch clean and dust free. For tarnish or brightening up gold or gold plated watches, you can get a Jeweler’s Rouge polishing cloth to restore the original luster.

Preserve Your Watch Straps in Hot, Sticky Weather
We all sweat in the hotter summer months. Watch straps can get sweat marks on the inside and this can degrade a strap with a soft leather lining quite quickly. You are better choosing to wear a water resistant strap or one made out of synthetics. You can also use special leather treatments and refined beeswax to keep your straps in good condition.

Rotate Your Watches and/or Invest in a Good Watch Winder
With self-winding and hand wound watches it is important to keep them running by rotating your watches. If a watch sits unworn, for a long period of time, the lubricant and clump up or pool and doesn’t get evenly distributed. A watch winder can help keep your self-winding watches in good condition. For hand wound watches, wind them frequently to keep them running at their best.

Salt Water and Your Dive Watch
Just like it is a good idea to rinse yourself off after swimming in the Ocean, you should rinse your dive watch off too. Even though it is made from stainless steel, it is still a good idea to wash off the salt water when you get a chance.

Have Your Mechanical Watch Cleaned and Oiled on a Regular Basis
The standard recommendation for having your mechanical watch oiled and cleaned is about every 4 to 5 years. Like changing the oil in your car, you should keep your watch serviced to keep it running smoothly and in tip top shape.

Invest in a Link Pin Remover or Spring Bar tool, if You would like to Change Straps or Size Your Watch Bracelet
A deluxe Link Pin Remover can save you a trip to a Jeweler and pay for itself in one or two uses. They are pretty easy to use and they will not scratch the watch.

If you like to switch out your leather straps on occasion, invest in a Spring Bar Remover tool. They are available for little money and they make quick work of changing your straps.